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December 2005 University of St. Augustine,
Doctor of Physical Therapy
December 1991 University of Miami,
Master of Science Physical Therapy
May 1989 Binghamton University,
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Physical Therapist: Department of Professional Regulation, State of Florida, 1992.

Athletic Trainer: Department of Professional Regulation, State of Florida, 1996.



2013 Certified Emergency Medical Responder, Red Cross;
2007 Certified Polestar Pilates Instructor: Polestar Pilates, .
2000 Certified Orthopedic Specialist: Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, American Physical Therapy Association,
1996 Athletic Trainer: National Athletic Trainers Association,
1992 Strength and Conditioning Specialist: National Strength and Conditioning Association


2015 -Present University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine; Voluntary Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
2000 – Present Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists, Miami, Florida
Senior Therapist
2007 – 2013 Miami City Ballet, Miami Beach, Florida; part-time therapist
2009 Fall - 2010 Guest Professor, University of Miami Physical Therapy,  
PTS 671-Complimentary Therapies
1999 – 2001 Florida International University, College of Health & Urban Affairs, Department of Physical Therapy, University Park, Miami, Florida, Visiting Instructor
1998 – 1999 Miami Dade County Public Schools, Coral Reef Senior High School, Miami, Florida, Leisure Medicine Magnet Program, Allied Health Assisting 3 – Physical Therapy Program Coordinator and Instructor
1998 United States Tennis Association, White Plaines, New York Women’s Circuits, Primary Health Care Provider, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer
1996 – 1998 Baptist Health Systems, Miami, Florida
Home Health Per Diem Staff Therapist
1992 - 2000 Baptist Hospital of Miami, Outpatient Center, Miami, Florida
Senior Physical Therapist / Athletic Trainer
Center Coordinator for Clinical Education, Specializing in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Women’s Health Services, TMJ, Clinical Education


2009 1st Davis/Cypen Scholarship Fund for Education in Foundations of Myofascial Release
Fiebert IM, LeBlanc WG, McGuane SA, Schnoes CD, etal. The Relationship of Electromyographic Activity and Force of the Vastus Medialis Oblique and Vastus Lateralis Muscles During Maximal Isometric Knee Extension Contractions; Isokinetics and Exercise Science; 1992; 116-123.
1989 – Present American Physical Therapy Association
Orthopedic Section
Sports Section
Women’s Health Section
1989 – Present Florida Physical Therapy Association
1995 – Present National Athletic Trainers Association
1992 – Present National Strength and Conditioning Association
Continuing Education
January 2016 John F. Barnes Myofascial Release: Quantum Leap
December 2015

Returning the Injured Athlete to Sports: Lopwer Limb, Trunk and Hip:  Medbridge Education, Robert Donatelli

December 2015 Teaching People About Pain:  Medbridge Education, Adriann Louw
December 2015 Evidence-Based Treatment of the Shoulder:  Medbridge Education, Eric Hegedus
July 2015 Medical Errors-Physical Therapy, Innovative Educational Services; 2 Contact Hours
May 2015

“His Health, Her Health:  Medical Challenges in Midlife”; Instructor:  James Coggins, MD; Plantation, FL; May 19, 2015; FPTA course approval:  CE150023988; 6 Contact Hours

January 2015 John F. Barnes Myofascial Release:  Myofascial Release II
October 2014 Wheelchair Challenge for Spinal Cord Patients
June 2014 Post-Running Injury Coach Certification Program: Bruce Wilk, PT
November 2013 Yoga Journal Conference, Hollywood, FL 11/1-11/3/13
Jason Crandell, Open Hips, Free the Spine 0.2 CEU’s ACE
Kathryn Budig, Arm Balances
Dharma Mittra, Asana, Pranaama Deep relaxation
September 2013 Emergency Medical Responder:  Red Cross/Sportsd Physical Therapy Section; 24 contact hours
July 2013 Concussion Management:  Considerations across the lifespan;  Instructor:  Susan L. Whitney, DPT, NCS; Webinar; World Health Webinars; 1 Contact Hour
July 2013 Medical Errors-Physical Therapy, Innovative Educational Services; 2 Contact Hours
October 2012 John F. Barnes Myofascial Release:  Fascial Pelvis.  Instructor Joan Miller, PT
August 2012 John F. Barnes Myofascial Release:  Women’s Health NYC
September 2011 Medical Errors-Physical Therapy, Innovative Educational Services
May 2011 John F. Barnes Myofascial Release:  Cervical Thoracic
June 2011 Trauma Teleseminar Series through Nicabm.com (The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine)  Non-PT sanctioned course
November 2010 John F. Barnes Myofascial Release:  Advanced Unwinding, Rebounding
January 2010  Skill Enhancement Seminar –Myofascial Release; John F. Barnes, P.T.
November 2009 Myofascial ReleaseI, Myofascial Release II, Myofascial Unwinding; John F. Barnes, PT
March 2009 APTA Orthopedic section Dance Medicine Home Study Course
March 2007 Polestar Pilates Education; R-6
January 2007 Polestar Pilates Education; R-5
November 2006 Polestar Pilates Education; R-4
October 2006 Polestar Pilates Education; R-3
September 2006 Polestar Pilates Education; R-2
August 2006 Polestar Pilates Education; R-1
July 2006 Polestar Pilates Education; Pilates for Rehabilitation
March 2005 Cross Country Education; Weight Loss for the Rehab Professional
February 2005 University of St. Augustine; Imaging
January 2004 University of St. Augustine; MF1
2003 University of St. Augustive S2, S3, S4, E1, E2
December 2002 University of St. Augustine; S1
March 2002  Sports Medicine for the Primary Care MD, ATC & PT; Cleveland Clinic Florida
February 2002 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor; Advantage Golf
March 2000 Understanding Dysfunctional Pelvic Floor Musculature; FPTA
July 2000 Current Topics in Shoulder Surgery; FPTA
February 2000 Combined Sections Meeting; APTA
January 2000 New Graduates and the Crisis in Healthcare 2000; University of Miami
October 1999 NAGS, SNAS and More; Brian Mulligan; Northeast Seminars
October 1999 Neurolinguistic Psychology to Enhance Communication in Clinical Education; University of Miami
May 1999 The EMT/Paramedic and the Athletic Trainer; NATA
March 1999 Child Abuse and Neglect; Baptist Hospital
March 1999 Organization and Supervision of the PTA in Acute Care; FPTA
February 1999 Baptist Hospital 4th Annual Trainers Seminar
January 1999 National Clinical Educators Conference; FPTA
June 1998 Physical Therapy and Gynecology; University of Miami
June 1998 Physical Therapy and Obstetrics; University of Miami
November 1998 Functional Orthopedics I; The Institute of Physical Art
May 1998 Leadership and Supervisory Skills For Women; National Seminars Group; Kay Keller
May 1998 Advances on the Knee and Shoulder; Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation
January 1998 Pharmacology for the Rehab Clinician; University of Miami
February 1997 Orthopedic Management of Upper Quarter Injuries; ACE, Tab Blackburn
February 1995 Cyriax Orthopedic Medicine Part C; The Society of Orthopedic Medicine - Stephanie Saunders
January 1995 The Collaborative Model of Clinical Education a 2:1 Model; University of Miami
October 1994 Cyriax Orthopedic Medicine Part B; The Society of Orthopedic Medicine - Stephanie Saunders
February 1994  Cyriax Orthopedic Medicine Part A; The Society of Orthopedic Medicine- Stephanie Saunders
November 1993 Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise; Elizabeth Noble
October 1993 The Great Floridian Sports Medicine Symposium; South Lake Memorial Hospital
April 1993 Orthopedic Bracing: Strength Through Knowledge; Smith and Nephew Donjoy
February 1993 Certification in Clinical Education; University of Miami
November 1992 Myofascial/Osseous Integration; John F. Barnes
August 1992 CranioSacral Therapy I; The Upledger Institute
May 1992 Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Lumbar Spine; The McKenzie Institute